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     Colorado raised Illustrator/Designer and TOP-TEN graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute (1992). Tony Tuthill began training and working as a Commercial Artist at age of 16.  Winning many academic and creative awards for various projects. With recognition from top editors, studios & creators including; Disney, Dreamworks, MARVEL, Platinum Studios & legendary animator Ralph Bakshi.

     As (broadcast name) 'KINNEAS'; from 2005-2016, Tuthill was a lead creator for:  The Hailing Frequency Pod CastSubspace Radio, Trekradio & UFPMedia and in 2010 inspired the launch of an ongoing Star Trek Guinness Book World Record.

     The Creator & Developer of the World's first In-Character radio stations for Star Trek: Online. As well as being the loudest (and mostly the ONLY) advocate for Star Trek TV/Star Trek MMO  Tie-ins

( It's happening)!

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